i’m so proud of my hair!!!

like holy shit!!! i get customers who walk up to me in the store just to tell me “wow, your hair is gorgeous!” that’s a real actual thing that happens multiple times a day

do you have any idea what that does for a lonely sad little autistic like me!!!!!

and this is Portland too so like. loads of other people have dyed hair too. Sunday I rang up this sweet lady who had long curly hair that started out bright blond but turned to turquoise and ended deep blue

I told her she looked like a mermaid and she just lit up and gave me the biggest smile and said eagerly “that’s what I feel like!”

if you’ve ever even kind of wanted to dye your hair, dye your dang hair, it works fucking wonders on your self-confidence

it’s 1:30 am and I’ve gotta be on a bus in seven hours

time for pretty hair selfies

What the heck is this anon on about? There’s no alliteration in your name…

There totally used to be, though!

Back IN THE DAY, I used to go by birdbrainblue, which was an old url dating back to my middle/early high school years that I originally came up with to rp a character from a Pokemon manga I was really into at the time, whose name was Blue and who was afraid of birds. I thought it was really clever. But I was 14 and a terrible writer, that fell through, and I just ended up using it as a general thing, and when I migrated to tumblr it carried over.

A lot of my old posts - including all my big LOK writeups, one of which managed to garner almost 10,000 notes somehow - were written under and still link back to this old url. Anon probably found one of those posts, clicked the url, and got taken to the url save where I redirect people to bluechirri. Mystery solved!

my dad had surgery today! it went pretty well, he’s tired and he’s got a weird drain thing stuck to him until thursday, but he’s in a good mood

with any luck he should be okay from here on out, he’s just gotta go in for checkups every now and then to make sure no more cancers resurface

so yeah!!! good things

Hey :) Yesterday, I just remembered one of your rants a couple years ago on the Legend of Korra, when Book 1 was all the rage. I don't know how it came to mind, but I remember you really made me question my opinion on the conclusion, and I was very grateful for the exposure. I managed to remember your Tumblr name thanks to its beautifully alliteration, but I see you don't follow Legend of Korra anymore? I assure you, it's gotten much better (B3 is incredible). Do you think you'll watch it again?

this has been sitting in my inbox for over a week now and I’ve been avoiding answering any asks for a while because of it

anon. sweetheart. you’re really nice and i appreciate the compliments, don’t take this the wrong way. but i continue to be profoundly disgusted by LOK, have no intention of ever picking it back up again, and frankly am exasperated by glowing descriptions of book three

it’s not incredible, my closest friends who still watch the show out of a twisted desire to see the disaster finally conclude have all separately assured me book three was a rambling mess that managed to come across as pretty good because it had more structure and charm to it than the unbelievably boring and convoluted wad of poor storytelling that was book 2, but having a better aftertaste in comparison to something awful still doesn’t make something good

i don’t care about the characters anymore. i don’t give a single fuck about any of the horribly tangled romance drama, or the extremely heavyhanded and overblown references to the original show that they have to rely on to keep people coming back since their own characters are dull cardboard cutouts, or whatever method it is Konietzko’s used to give his own mediocre talents a big fat compliment this week

the only thing i care about LOKwise right now is that it’s almost over, and with any luck I can enjoy a 2015 completely free of this unexceptional cartoon getting exalted to hell and back as if it’s revolutionary and dangerous when it’s really just a bunch of dust-dry tropes and bad character writing hiding behind some very pretty animation

again, you’re very nice and i feel bad going off on you like this, but there’s nothing that turns me into a bitter elder before my time like yet another person cheerfully telling me that i ought to watch LOK again because it’s gotten so much better, we swear! it happens to me at least once a month

whimsy-cat replied to your post: ok i wanted to be link for halloween b…

SORRY FOR THIS HUGE REPLY. Halloween is one of my fav holidays and I’m bummed that I don’t have anything to do this year. So I will talk costumes any day of the week. x3

ahhh man I don’t know how much time I have but I’M WILLING TO TRY ACTUALLY?! you’ve made me excited again haha

do you mind linking me to those tutorials you mentioned??

sighs dreamily about really good tattoos

mopey tmi bullshit behind the cut what fun!!!!

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feeling incredibly lonely and sad!!! fun times