man, this week is kind of gonna suck

there are four employees who have just left or are about to leave the store for various reasons - some of whom I like, too! - so we’ve been a little understaffed and I’ve been covering a lot of shifts

today, Sunday, is the last day of one of my friends! i’m gonna miss him. plus Sunday is our busiest day by far, they’re always pretty stressful, and that guy I’ve got kind of a thing for won’t be there lmao

tomorrow’s another mid shift on a day when most people I like well will be out, then Tuesday I’ve actually picked up a close for one of the people leaving, Wednesday’s a day off but then I’m back in there Thursday for another close and then it’s mids on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday again

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I volunteered for all of this because I really need the cash, I’m trying to move out of my dad’s because living with a parent still is getting incredibly frustrating and also it’s keeping me from getting to know people better (I share the car, I have to be careful about when people are here and what they’re doing, I can fucking forget about having someone over to hang out until five am and watch nature documentaries while drinking hard cider haha)

and I’d much, much rather be working overtime then undertime, like the way they were cutting my hours just a few weeks ago

but I’ve hardly been spending any time with my friends online and I haven’t had any additional opportunities to see people offline since last Tuesday so it’s a little draining

can i ask you a question about pansexuality? I understand that not all pansexuals think the same, of course, I'd just kinda like a little insight to this guy I like.

of course! fire away

god I love the pansexual colors so much tho

what I’ll probably do is get some patterned circle shape thing I’ll sit down and design on my upper right arm just below the shoulder

maybe in hot pink and yellow and sky blue since those are the colors of the pansexual flag, outlined in black… hmm

Get a stain glass mural of legend of Zelda covering your entire back

oh man if I had the time and money to do that with this i absolutely would haha

buuut to start with I ought to get something kind of small I think


my dash did a thing


my dash did a thing


haha omg you are VERY EMPHATIC about this squid

i want to get a tattoo….

i’m gonna be ALTTP Link for Halloween

i’m gonna do it

i’ve never made any clothes before but i have pink hair and it’d be so much fun and i’m gonna do it

only five characters and only one stage and no settings and yet the Smash demo still manages to be one of the best fucking things I’ve played all year